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EVe Hiller
UI/UX Designer
based in

I like design.

& Matcha. Travel. Late night chats. Beach walks. Sunsets.
Scooping coconuts with a spoon. Good Weather. Desserts. A menu
with a good font. Dogs. And cats. Working in cafes. Trying new food. Enjoying life.
Swimming in the ocean. Clouds from the airplane window. Symmetry. Doing great websites.

1/2 places free in November

Hi, I’m Eve Hiller, a UI/UX designer with over 6 years of experience. I help companies to establish their voice online by creating brands that are effective, drive results and are unforgettable.

I specialise in crafting brands and breathing life into them through design—think branding, websites and e-commerce shops. I'm well-versed in Adobe XD, Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Wix, Shopify, and other cool tools.

As a digital nomad I can proudly create my designs from nearly every corner of the world (well, as long as there's an internet connection).

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What do u do?

I tell stories through design. Craft unique identities.
Branding. Logo Design. I obsess over UX/UI. Websites that represent
your firm. E-commerce shops. SaaS landing pages. Building robust platforms.
Essentially, anything and everything that will connect people with your brand.


Branding is where your identity is born. I cover everything from conceptualising to developing your logo, selecting brand colours, and producing assets for both print and online use. We will craft a brand that truly reflects your unique story.

UX/UI Design

Let’s bring your brand alive in a digital space. I guide you through the entire process, from defining the goals to crafting a stunning design, conducting research and making sure the experience is seamless and engaging for your audience.

& Platform Design

Basically UX/UI, but bigger. I design platforms from scratch and think about the user flow & engagement throughout the entire process. I bring to the table fresh perspective and innovative ideas on how platforms should function.

I'm not just a designer; I'm a storyteller. I believe that design is more than aesthetics; it's about telling a story and creating an emotional connection. My style is a mix of clean, minimalist aesthetics with a touch of quirkiness. I draw inspiration from my travels and the diverse cultures I encounter, allowing me to merge styles and techniques. My goal is to create design that is approachable, reflects your brands’s personality and leaves a lasting impression.

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What’s the
world without creativity?

Probably sad. Like really, really sad. For me design is
like talking without a language. It is an image in your head that stays.
It is the memories. We are surrounded by it. It’s like atoms. Well, maybe.
Anyways, that’s why I design.


You are not scared of new. You want Bold. Modern.
Different. You let me create. Your minimum budget is 5000€. You are a

kind human. And a Startup. Or just innovative. Or just really cool business.
And you have some humour.

"We're extremely happy to work with Eve. Eve has been supporting our brands for several years already and hopefully for more years to come."

"Working with Eve is a great asset for our start-up on all levels. We have found in Eve our perfect contact person for all questions concerning website design"

"Eve always seems to find a solution to our ideas, even if we think it is not possible to implement."

"A lot of customers recognise our business by the character Eve has drawn and we have gotten tons of positive feedback!"

"Working with Eve has been incredibly beneficial for our business. Her ideas are always amazing and on spot for the target group!"

"As a developer I find working with Eve super easy - clients are always happy with the designs and the files are clean & ready to code."

"This collaboration has helped as immensely to level up our brand and start selling outside of Amazon by having our own website."

"Eve has been very patient through out the whole process and delivered the result we were super happy with."

"Eve, the designs I find again absolutely MEEEGAAAA :)."

#Passion Project

This project was born out of my love for designing. I believe good design is a heartbeat of a brands success. That's why every 2 months I take on a free project to completely transform it and give it a second life through design. If you are an NGO, local community, or a struggling business, feel free to apply to get a chance for a free re-design.

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Ready to chat and explore design possibilities?
I don't have a big ego – just a passion for design & a starting budget of
5000€. I can talk about design trends, margins & wireframes, universe and penguins.
Although I don’t know much about penguins, but you're here for design, or?

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Want to reach out directly?

I promise I won't spam you if you fill out the form above, but I do totally get it if you are sceptical about it. Just drop me an e-mail or schedule a calendly call with me instead if preferred.

Any questions?

Hey, first congratulations on reading so far down. I am thrilled to work together already. But in case you still have questions unanswered, I am here to help :)
How can we get started working together?
Starting our collaboration is easy! You can reach out via the contact form on my website, e-mail or arrange a calendly call and we'll discuss your project.
What's your typical timeline for completing a project?
Timelines can vary depending on the project's complexity and scope, but I strive for efficient yet thorough work. Typically, you can expect a project to take 1-3 months from start to finish.
What's your availability for new projects?
I believe in quality over quantity. I take on only 2 customers monthly to make sure to give each project the time and attention it deserves to deliver outstanding results. You can see on the websites if there are any spots available for this months or join a waiting list. Depending on the project I usually need 2-3 weeks before taking on a new project.
Do you offer free consultations before we commit to a project?
Absolutely! I offer initial 30-minute call to discuss your project, goals, and expectations. It's a chance for us to get to know each other and ensure we're a good fit. However, it is important to note that I only provide guidance, but I do not offer any free trial designs or samples.
How can we communicate or give feedback during a project?
I encourage communication and feedback as part of the collaborative process. We'll work closely together to ensure the design aligns perfectly with your vision. In the beginning we will create a timeline where we can schedule in advance necessarily feedback meetings, check-ins and catch ups.

All communication will take place through your personalised project board. This ensures the transparency, where you can see the status of the project and allows us to have all the information in one place.
Do you offer ongoing support after the design project is completed?
Absolutely, I believe in maintaining long-term relationships with my clients. I offer ongoing support, updates, and guidance to ensure your brand continues to thrive. I offer several types of support packages based on the hours of support required whcih we can discuss individually. I also offer employee training and webinars on maintenance or new platforms like Shopify.
I don’t need a new branding or a whole website. I just want to change a pdf or create some business cards. Can you do that?
I appreciate your interest in my work, but I specialise in creating complete branding concepts and web design projects. My focus is on crafting comprehensive solutions that bring your brand to life digitally. If you ever decide to embark on a full branding or web design journey, I'd be thrilled to assist you in creating something extraordinary.

While I don't take on smaller tasks like PDF edits or business card design in isolation, I'd be happy to recommend you my automatisation agency

Ok this is really the end.