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Art Brand E-commerce

Online Shop Design on Shopify 2.0

Artistro is one of the most fast-growing private brands for art supplies. The task was to re-design the old website with improved UI/UX. A new website has a fresh design that reflects the brand’s creativity and the joy it brings to it’s consumers worldwide.

Flat Mackbook.png

The brand focuses on selling art supplies such as paint pens and paints. The brand also has a big community and regularly creates tutorials, videos and useful posts to contribute back into this community.


And yes a little bit of statistics. Because understanding the main customer is important.



By analysing user behaviour and obtaining customer surveys from the brand I was able to identify main problems and the weakness with the previous website.

Easy Navigation & Special Features

The UX/UI of the new website is focused on making shopping experience for the customer easy & enjoyable.


I have introduced many new features such as:

- advanced filtering system

- pages explaining the product

- customized brand style with illustrations & gifs

- filtering of resources and emphasise on community

- rewards & affiliate programs  

To check out the whole process and all the cool features introduced see my case study on Behance.

But in case you are very curious here is a little preview of the pages:

Instagram Post – 19.png
Instagram Post – 18.png
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