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Heldengut Branding

Branding & Product Design · Illustrator

HELDENGUT is a brand that sells a variety of products under their private label on Amazon. They approached me with the need to have a well recognised branding that can be applied to variety of different products.

Heldengut process. psd.jpg

Customer was presented with several alternatives

1. Logo

HELDENGUT stands for high quality, universal products. And Helden translate literally 'as hero'. The logo should portray the name and induce trust with the customer. There was of course a lot of brainstorming.



The box represents a package which delivers the goods. And the cape is used as traditional hero imagery. The colours of the cape can be changed according to the market. The box remains see-through to always reflect the packaging colour when printed. 

2. Packaging


When the Branding was defined it was time to work on the Product packaging. The goal: to create an easily recognisable brand.

It was a challenge to create a single brand imagery because many products were sold in completely opposite niches. By using similar colours, illustrations and fonts this goal was achieves. For every niche a different colour theme can be used and the cape on the logo changed.

3. Product Development


By using custom illustrations I designed a new product to be added to the HELDENGUT range. This is a glove for children with a 'Safari' theme animals. Each animal has a different sound and helps the baby learn.

Want to see more pages and detailed illustrations? Check my Behance profile :)

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