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Chocolate Bar Design

Product Packaging Design · Illustrator

Graphic design of a chocolate bar including custom pattern. The goal was to create packaging for a premium bar of chocolate that does unique chocolate flavours like Golden Lemon.

When I am in a supermarket I always grab food in pretty packages to 'try out'. And that is probably how I tasted all the food from my local supermarket.

I wanted to create a very lively chocolate package that catches attention immediately. That will stand out on the shelves and justify a higher price for this chocolate bar. The range of chocolates can then be expanded to include other fruits and berries. I can already see the dark chocolate with cherries package in contrasting red colours.

'Golden Lemon' embossed in gold

When I finished designing the package, I thought why stop with just a chocolate? I used the lemon pattern to experimented with different colours and prints.

final5 .png

different colour combinations

As it was 35℃ outside my window, I thought the lemons would make a perfect kitchen set for a sunny day.

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