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Lilot - Bedding Store

Branding & Online Shop Design on WIX

LILOT is a premium bedding store selling duvets and pillows made of 100% white goose down. The goal was to create branding that reflects company's values and history and to create an e-commerce shop based on it.

LILOT is a family business and has a very interesting history. LILOT was founded by Christian Lilot to help his daughter Aurora sleep better, who always struggled with having a sensitive skin. With years of research and training Christian built his factory in Ukraine and now produces the best bedding for everyone. His mission is simple: if he was able to improve the sleep of his daughter, he can help everyone.


I wanted to translate this history and that is why I created 'Aurora', an illustrated character that appears throughout this website. Why does she have such a big smile? Simple, she had a great sleep with LILOT's bedding.

care guide

Aurora is used throughout the website to reinforce a happy image. She helps users to choose the right duvet or teaches them how to care about it after the purchase. There is also many family illustrations to show LILOT's core values.

yes, that's Christian Lilot

happy family

When talking to people about their shopping experience I found out that most people hated shopping for bedding. They went into a big shopping malls and were lost with hundreds of different options, overpriced brands and sometimes very pushy consultants. That is why the goal was to make LILOT simple and easy to shop with. There is only 3 options and if you are still lost - there is a quiz. By answering only 3 questions the customer is presented with the perfect product for them.

And of course a little glimpse of the website. No, I am not going to bore you with super long screenshots. But if you are interested, head over to my Behance to see more.

Instagram Post – 9.png
Instagram Post – 7.png

So when did you last change your bedding?

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